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Summer Decoration

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Throw open your windows and let the sunshine stream in.

After the dreary winter season, we’re all more than ready to welcome refreshing summer sun. It’s time to prepare for summer, which might mean shaking away the cheerless, winter gloom in your main home, or revitalized that unused furniture that’s spent winter lying still and dormant under white covers at your summer home.

Consider these home decorating approaches for summer:

  • COMFORT. What could be better than reclining on your sofa and leisurely turning the pages of a new novel, surrounded by a quiet, gentle energy? Arrange a reading corner for yourself with Enza’s help, and enjoy your book in peace.
  • SIMPLICITY.Looking for a relaxing atmosphere? Then avoid the overstuffed look that comes from too much furniture, and opt for an understated, minimal design and decorating approach that gives you space to breathe.
  • ERGONOMICS. A cleverly designed TV unit not only allows you to sit peacefully and enjoy a movie or sitcom in the evenings, but also provides extra storage space for those smaller items.
  • TRANQUILITY. When your color scheme and home decorating choices are not enough to give you the calm, airy feeling you crave, open your windows. Let the summer breeze from the sea fill your home with tranquillity.
  • PRACTICALITY. Easy-to-clean, washable sofa covers save you precious cleaning time, giving you more time to enjoy the sun and sea, and relish the summer months.
  • MODULARITY. Use your bookshelves as separators to divide a room or allow a wall shelf to double as a service tray. Our modular approach gives you full reign to exercise your creativity and experiment with your home’s design.
  • AESTHETICS. Our throw pillows, with their striking, exotic patterns, please the eye every time.

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