Decorate your living room

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How to decorate your living room with a comfortably spacious and bright ambience

A comfortably spacious living space improves the quality of the time you spend at home and helps you to reach supreme level of coziness and comfort. A variety of decoration ideas will help you to have a bright and comfortably spacious living space.

Using mirrors

Adding a mirror on one of the walls of your room is always a good idea. Would you like to change the appearance of your living room entirely and have a much more comfortably spacious ambience? In order to achieve it you can try to cover a whole surface with one huge mirror or multiple smaller mirrors. When covering a whole surface, mirrors reflect light and not only illuminate your living room they also reflect the environment itself and create a perception of a living room two times larger. Furthermore you can create a perception of your living room having an additional window by placing the mirror so that it reflects the windows or you can place the mirror across a source of light.

Keeping the Decorative Objects at a Minimum Level

On of the most pleasant details of decorating your living room is when you display souvenirs. However filling the tops of coffee tables, shelves and units with those objects will make your living room look dense and narrow. Eliminating those objects and only displaying a few of them will highlight the most precious ones and helps you have a much more comfortably spacious living room. Selecting minimalist design pendant lighting and embroideries the wall surface is a similar approach for achieving more comfortable space.

Limiting Colors Used

Surely there is excitement in using various colors and using furniture that has striking colors enlivens the environment. However it is useful to stick with one or two colors and use them for the entire living room. If you wish you can prefer using different shades of one particular color. In order to add excitement to your living room decoration you can use dramatic patterns in details such as carpets, curtains and wallpapers. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use only light shade colors. Every colors of your desire is preferable if used by this approach.

 Blending Colors and Composing Airiness 

You don’t have to show a dour minimalist approach for a commodious living room decoration. Putting effort on minimizing the visual encumbrance of some heavy and obtrusive objects is sufficient to provide space. You can paint such furniture same as the walls, choose simpler objects and prefer materials such as plexiglass. Thus you create a lightminded visual perception.

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