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MERIDA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 442.050 OMR /
A Contemporary Touch to Classical Design Inspired by the spectacular design details and dynamic patterns of the 60s, the MERIDA
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UP TO /PIECE: 743.857 OMR /
Plain and Functional Design Plain and Functional Design. Completing the mink lacquered surfaces with an unique gold-coloured handle design, the
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FIORE Living room

347.201 OMR /
An Experience of Contemporary Comfort Combining simple elegance with superior ergonomic features, FIORE LIVING ROOM stands out with its high
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BRERA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 487.633 OMR /
Perfect Harmony of Function and Aesthetics Gathering attention with its aesthetic form and attractive colour combinations, BRERA LIVING ROOM brings
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MAISON Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 672.000 OMR /
High Comfort with Contemporary Touches MAISON LIVING ROOM, which aims at maximum comfort with material combinations accompanying the contemporary design
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CHELSEA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 694.171 OMR /
Natural and vibrant colors of Chelsea. With special leather-look fabric, and natural and vibrant colors, the Chelsea Living Room will
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T: +968 71500755
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T: +968 71500755
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