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Best Sellers

FIORE Living room

347.201 OMR
An Experience of Contemporary Comfort Combining simple elegance with superior ergonomic features, FIORE LIVING ROOM stands out with its high


UP TO /PIECE: 305.550 OMR
Extraordinary Aesthetics Extraordinary Aesthetics. Standing out with its combination of metal, leather and wood material with its dark walnut surface

NAVONA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 292.950 OMR
Sophisticated Touches of the Nature Sophisticated Touches of the Nature. Its golden coloured handle designs accompanying a dark walnut colour

PONTE Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 432.828 OMR
Design meets Functionality here. Design meets Functionality here… Animating its design with its back cushions and linear details on the


UP TO /PIECE: 1,002.251 OMR
Bronze Age of Design… It is easier than you think to make a difference in the decoration with funcional modules

ALESSA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 549.126 OMR
Timeless Details… Timeless Details… Carrying the design lines that motivate the feelings of the past, the Alessa Living Room draws

ROSA Tv Unit

UP TO /PIECE: 137.550 OMR
Plain, natural and elegant… Rosa TV Unit, in which originality meets functionality, provides shelves for your favorite boks and decorative

NETHA Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 798.000 OMR
Serene Stop of Comfort A calm destination of comfort Offering simple and stylish design meet with cotton beige surface with

FOLK Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 359.732 OMR
Time-defying elegance. Time-defying Elegance. Reinterpreting the contemporary and classical design concepts with an innovative perspective and an original form, FOLK


UP TO /PIECE: 230.235 OMR
Harmony of geometric and retro styles… Praga TV Unit, in which high comfort meets with notion of luxury, completes the
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T: +968 71500755

T: +968 71500755