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Rosa Nightstand

48.300 OMR Including VAT

Dolce Nightstand

42.000 OMR Including VAT

Folk Nightstand

28.980 OMR Including VAT
Combining minimal and heavy-headed design with exclusive rose color handles, Folk brings a flamboyant interpretation of modern design.

Piedra Nightstand

34.020 OMR Including VAT
The marble appearance used on the cover surface adds aesthetic value to the product. The white color that accompanies the depth provided by the marble creates refreshing spaces.

Valente Nightstand

44.100 OMR Including VAT
Adding an elegant interpretation to its natural wooden look with its stylish handle details, Valente Nightstand is a beautiful example of modern decoration.

Orlando Nightstand

63.000 OMR Including VAT

Sona Nightstand

66.150 OMR Including VAT