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PIEDRA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 215.250 OMR /
A New Point of View for the Decoration With its retro design that stands out with geometric lines, PRAGA DINING
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SIMENA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 151.338 OMR /
Perfect Geometry… Combining the aesthetic appearance and contemporary design with geometric touches and bringing a new look to the dining
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NETHA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 241.500 OMR /
Elegant Touch to Modernism An Elegant Touch to Modernism. Enriching its contemporary style with elegant details, the Netha Dining Room
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DORIAN Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 213.150 OMR /
Luxury Reflection of Nature Combining the strong synergy of wood and metal with stylish design touches, DORIAN DINING ROOM reveals
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SONA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 112.350 OMR /
Fascinating Aesthetics of Simplicity Combining the contemporary design with simple but effective details, SONA DINING ROOM reinterprets living spaces with
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CRYSTAL Dining Room Set

UP TO /PIECE: 349.672 OMR /
With its exclusive design; Crystal Dining Room Crystal Collection where fine details integrates with a stunning construct stands out as
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NAVONA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 292.950 OMR /
Sophisticated Touches of the Nature Sophisticated Touches of the Nature. Its golden coloured handle designs accompanying a dark walnut colour
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ORLANDO Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 245.700 OMR /
Plain reflections of the nature Plain reflections of the nature… Orlando Dining Room offers a serene calmness to the environment
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ROSA Dining Room

UP TO /PIECE: 134.400 OMR /
Distinctive details… Rosa Dining Room, which will be the most impressive reflection of the style of your home, redefines its
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