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Piedra Dressing Table

139.650 OMR Including VAT / NOS
The marble appearance used on the cover surface adds aesthetic value to the product. The white color that accompanies the depth provided by the marble creates refreshing spaces.
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Orlando Vanity Table

142.800 OMR Including VAT / NOS
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Rattan Dressing Table

205.800 OMR Including VAT / NOS
White color and wood lacquer applications, ergonomic handle design exclusive for the series. Revealing its unique aesthetic with the application of hazeran patterns on drawer doors, Rattan is a stylish representative of country style.
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Elegante Vanity Table

206.850 OMR Including VAT / NOS
Warm Textures, Romantic Details ELEGANTE BEDROOM, one of the most eye-catching examples of modern/classic style with its unique Prussian Blue wooden surface, quilted detailed leather headboard, and gold-colored specially designed handles, reflects a perfectionist spirit.
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