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SONA Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 602.700 OMR
Alluring Grace of Nature Interpreting the natural and strong effect of wood in decoration with special design details, Sona Bedroom

SIMENA Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 314.108 OMR
Unique and Free… Presenting an unique and free appearance with its module that enrich the simple elegance of a contemporary

RATTAN Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 806.770 OMR
Free spirit of rural life Free spirit of rural life… Blending its contemporary design concept with details inspired by the


UP TO /PIECE: 1,002.251 OMR
Bronze Age of Design… It is easier than you think to make a difference in the decoration with funcional modules

RAUM Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 480.690 OMR
An Original Construct of Peace Reflecting the natural walnut coloured surfaces and the unique combination of tan colour, Raum Bedroom

DORIAN Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 714.000 OMR
Calm and Sophisticated Fiction Enriching the natural aesthetics of wood with multiple material combinations, DORIAN BEDROOM creates a stylized space

NETHA Bedroom

UP TO /PIECE: 798.000 OMR
Serene Stop of Comfort A calm destination of comfort Offering simple and stylish design meet with cotton beige surface with


UP TO /PIECE: 365.400 OMR
FEATURES Simple, contemporary and stylish design to refresh the bedrooms Nile beige, gold coloured and marble texture combination. 4 different


UP TO /PIECE: 645.866 OMR
Stylish design is coming with Crystal Bedroom? Crystal is created for the rooms to glitter by a refined design consisted