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Rattan Plus Armchair (143) – Rass Dark Green 2114 543

65.531 OMR Including VAT
Enza Home knows that your living room should feel spacious and enclose you in intimate comfort. They have a wide selection of designs and styles to suit the most discerning of tastes. In the past, we used the living room for only a brief period at the end of the day. Today we spend our lives here. We enjoy our coffee first thing in the morning. Browse through our emails or social media. We entertain friends and relax with a cocktail as the day ends. We even do our exercises and spend loving hours with our children – all in this one space.

Orlando Bookcase

100.800 OMR Including VAT
Orlando Collection is attractive with its simple yet muscular lines. Exclusively designed wooden-look handles, wardrobes, and cabinets with sliders and doors, bring the peaceful energy of nature to the living spaces.