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Navona Sideboard Mirror (800×800)

18.060 OMR Including VAT
(العربية) 07.290.0521.0000.0158.0000.

Navona Side Coffe Table

52.185 OMR Including VAT

Navona Coffee Table

58.800 OMR Including VAT

A Design Directing Decoration

NAVONA COFFEE TABLE stands out with its modern, stylish, and pioneering style that shapes the decoration. It offers a balanced and functional use with its high-quality, first-class wooden legs. Complementing the tastefully furnished living rooms, NAVONA COFFEE TABLE adapts to every style and reveals a timeless style.


Navona Chair – (121) Santa Glory 901 Black (Inside) – (Leather Quilted)

41.160 OMR Including VAT
Navona, Sophisticated Touches of the Nature. Creating chic details with the combination of dark walnut color and gold handle design, Navona Dining Room is adding a sophisticated touch into its design with marble patterns on its sideboard.

Navona Tv Stand Back Panel

105.840 OMR Including VAT
Enza Home offers you to create and apply different ideas for TV unit models you are looking for. The television stand is located in one of the most used locations in your home and features innovative designs. TV units making up the large part of the decoration of your living and dining rooms come alive with Enza Home quality. Complementing your televisions, which are an inseparable part of your home and life and designed to fit every budget, the models in this collection and much more await you at Enza Home stores. If you want to experience comfort, aesthetics, durability and class, visit your nearest Enza Home dealer.

Navona Armchair (151) – Letto Como 1081 Green

109.620 OMR Including VAT
Supreme Comfort Dignified in Details