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FABIA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 330.289 OMR
Contemporary Comfort… Combining the functional and high comfort design set-up of contemporary decoration with remarkable touches, FABIA LIVING ROOM brings

SONA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 367.349 OMR
Contemporary Timelessness Carrying the plain and refined lines of a contemporary style, SONA LIVING ROOM stands out with its high

DORIAN Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 838.343 OMR
Contemporary Approach to High Comfort Aiming maximum comfort with modern and aesthetic touches, DORIAN LIVING ROOM, creates a refined decoration

SIMENA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 382.391 OMR
Functionality that opens into elegance. The contemporary design approach and functionality combined within Simena Living Room, where every detail is

RATTAN PLUS Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 469.724 OMR
Elegance in the fabric Making it easy for you to create the style and the appearance you dream of at

ORFE Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 454.832 OMR
Definition of Contemporary Decoration.. Definition of Contemporary Decoration Having round design lines with its soft transitions ORFE LIVING ROOM increases

MARLENA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 357.000 OMR
The Aesthetics of Comfort Aesthetical Comfort Contemporary design features, which bring comfort into prominence, meeting romantic details, the Marlena Living

NAVONA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 858.216 OMR
Supreme Comfort Dignified in Details Supreme Comfort Dignified in Details. Featuring aesthetic and supreme comfort design features of contemporary living

BRERA Living room

UP TO /PIECE: 487.633 OMR
Perfect Harmony of Function and Aesthetics Gathering attention with its aesthetic form and attractive colour combinations, BRERA LIVING ROOM brings