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Allerban Baby Pillow

1.260 OMR Including VAT
Picking the correct pillow is one of the most essential factors in experiencing the actual effects of rejuvenating and refreshing sleep. If you don’t have a suitable pillow for your body’s needs, you haven’t yet experienced quality sleep.

Carpa Guest Towel (30×50 Cm)

0.840 OMR Including VAT
EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOME IS AT ENZA! Continuing to change your life with its innovative and functional designs, ENZA HOME renews your home in the light of new trends and technologies not only with comfortable and stylish furniture but also with a wide range of products ranging from decorative objects to lighting, sleep equipment to home textiles. What’s left for you is to visit the nearest ENZA HOME store.

80×2,00 Liberta Carpet Grey/Dark Blue

9.660 OMR Including VAT
You can choose from an extensive range of Enza carpets including HD printed, durable viscose carpets with exuberant, natural, and fast color options; handspun wool carpets; and cotton designs giving a silky feeling. You can give your home a completely modern feel by combining products with different styles, using traditional patterns or antique carpets.

Piedra Tv Bench,Apos;S Wall Unit With Door And Shelf

14.301 OMR Including VAT
Enza Home offers you to create and apply different ideas for the TV unit models you are looking for. The television stand is located in one of the most used locations in your home and features innovative designs. TV units making up a large part of the decoration of your living and dining rooms come alive with Enza Home quality. Complementing your televisions, which are an inseparable part of your home and life and designed to fit every budget, the models in this collection and much more await you at Enza Home stores. If you want to experience comfort, aesthetics, durability, and class, visit your nearest Enza Home dealer.

Duet Pendant

12.600 OMR Including VAT
Pendant and floor lamp models from Enza Home bring warm copper-colored reflections to your interior spaces. Create appealing combinations with silver-colored lamp shades that enhance the impact of the light with an elegant and graceful look. You can complement your decoration in a natural and stylish way with floor lamp models combining functionality and minimal design lines, and also create an extraordinary style with bold lighting designs for any environment. Adjustable lighting fixtures having wooden, metal, chromium, concrete, and fabric details, offer functionality in different sizes. You can bring the warm orange color or balanced tranquil spirit of gray to your spaces with pendants, lamp shades, and floor lamp models from Enza Home.

Simena Chest Of Drawers- Dressing Table- Dressoire Mirror

10.080 OMR Including VAT
Attracting attention with its stylish and curved design details, SIMENA is ideal for modern decorations inspired by the past.

Folk Chair – (79) Taytüyü Orange 121951

16.800 OMR Including VAT
Enza Home dining room sets with elite designs and reliable quality represent creative collections that will add glitter and coziness to your home. Dining room sets blended with modern designs, classical and modern lines, and different color combinations into fine lines will bring fresh air into your home. Smooth, useful, and extendable dining tables provide convenience during feasts. Dining room sets including a dining table, buffet, mirror, cabinet, and chairs stand out with product-specific details and color combinations. Enza Home stores offer creative and attractively stylish collections to give your home the perfect look.

Giorno Side Table – Cream

34.545 OMR Including VAT
Classical, modern, rustic or minimalist; regardless of the style, different table models bring inspiring touches to the houses with their functionality. Table models such as; side, center, or nesting tables that you can pick according to their functionality provide harmony to the other furniture and a functional feature with their various options. If you wish to purchase small/big-size models, you can browse side tables to save space or browse center table models that stand out with their elegant stance for bigger living rooms. Enza Home table models bring you the 21st century’s modernist understanding of home interior design as they contribute to the aesthetic concept of unity.

Rattan Plus Armchair (143) – Rass Dark Green 2114 543

65.531 OMR Including VAT
Enza Home knows that your living room should feel spacious and enclose you in intimate comfort. They have a wide selection of designs and styles to suit the most discerning of tastes. In the past, we used the living room for only a brief period at the end of the day. Today we spend our lives here. We enjoy our coffee first thing in the morning. Browse through our emails or social media. We entertain friends and relax with a cocktail as the day ends. We even do our exercises and spend loving hours with our children – all in this one space.